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Infinity Cm2 MT2 V2.22 Latest Setup Best Update 2021-Apr-28

How To Download & Install Infinity Cm2 Dongle MT2 V2.22 Latest Update download.

Welcome to Are you looking for an Infinity Cm2 MT2 V2.22 Setup Dongle ?. In this post, I shared the Infinity Cm2MT2 Latest Update Setup Dongle (Windows 64 and 86 bit) .  And saw how to install this Infinity Box. Perfect Device Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 latest setup 2021. it’s Functioning Really Easy And Big Help support World Little Device But Not Small Work High Development Phone Latest Version Very Easy Working. Up-date Model Use (CHIP) Software Version Download Help. All China Mobile phone Flashing, Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock, Face Lock, Privacy Lock, Google Account Lock (FRP) Very Excellent Work. Infinity CM2MT2 latest setup Download 2021.


Infinity Cm2MT2 V2.22 Latest Update Setup Download 2021


Download Infinity CM2 MT2 V2.22.

The CM2MT2 v2.22 module lets you flash scatter and bin based flash file ROM (firmware) on your MediaTek (MTK) powered smartphones, feature phones and tablets.


File Name:- InfinityBox_install_CM2MT2_v2.22.7Z
File Size:- 129 MB
Support operating System:- Windows

Download Hare


Download Infinity CM2 MT2 V2.22 Boot File Setup.exe  


Read More:-

Infinity CM2 MT2 v2.21 Setup File Update On 2021-Feb-01



*Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.22 – Standalone MTK auth ON – new models and features*

Changed: Protocol updated (for Raphael / Legacy SOC)
Modified: Loader V21212 supported and tested
Changed: MediaTek MT6757 support modified
Changed: Standalone SLA is now enabled in automatic mode for the required phone
Changed: Driver reliance is no longer important, it gives more flexibility and more stable performance
Changed: EMI DB updated, Boothelper updated
Newsip :: MT3561 / MT3561S supported (Cardhead Unit)


Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.22 – New models and features

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed: Protocol updated (for Raphael/Legacy SoC)
Changed: Loader v2112 supported and tested
Changed: MediaTek MT6757 support revised
Changed: StandAlone SLA now activated in automatic mode for phones that need it
Changed: Driver dependency is not important any more, it gives more flexibility and more stable operations
Changed: EMI DB updated, BootHelper updated
NewChip:: MT3561/MT3561S supported (CardHeadUnit)

Changed: Core updated for RAPHAEL SoC line
Changed: UltraFlash engine updated

Changed: Long-range reading (over 32+ GB) optimized ( in most cases for Forensic cases )
Changed: LEGACY support revised

Changed: SmartReset function process updated
Changed: New SmartReset mode activated – SmartReset Extra
! SmartReset Extra acts like ordinary ones but makes additional operations for specific brands:
– Reset MiAcc for Xiaomi ( non-permanent )
– Reset FlyMe acc for Meizu
! Other vendor-specific scripts can be included by users requests
Feature: “Restore Backup” option activated ( see Security tab )
! Automatic restore backup for connected device if this backup was already created earlier by Identify, Settings -> Autobackup option

Firmware Reader

Changed: Android 11 specific changes
Changed: Brand-specific changes and fixes
Changed: Better sparse handling
Changed: New types supported
Changed: Internal Database updated

Model DB
Changed: Changed acting model to semi-auto
! In most cases it is enough just to select required operation and connect devices ( BROM mode preferable )
! In some situations it may need to select older BASE DA for older SoCs ( LEGACY ones, since they are outdated )
Changed: New DA base v2112 included

Changed: Number of small changes and fixes
Changed: Some unused options and checkboxes has been removed as deprecated, UI become easier

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