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Download Infinity Cm2 Dongle Manager Setup 2021 v1.81

How To install Infinity Box CM2 dongle manager v1.81 Latest Update 2020-Dec-30 download.

Welcome to Are you looking for an Infinity Cm2 dongle manager 2021 Latest setup ?. In this post, I shared the CM2 Dongle Manager Setup 2021 Download (Windows 64 and 86 bit) .  And saw how to install this Infinity Box. Perfect Device Infinity Cm2 dongle manager v1.81 .To update the smartcard firmware, read the username and password online, and to turn on / off the UK version you need the Infinity CM2 dongle. cm2 dongle manager download.


How to Use Infinity dongle manager Latest setup 2021.

You do not need to install this software as it is portable and can be used on all Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and download CM2 Dangle Manager and extract it using WinRR or 7zip. Connect to your Infinity CM2 Dongle and Open Dongle


File Name:- DongleManager.7Z

File Size:- 628 KB.

Support operating System:- Windows.

Download Hare


How to update CM2 smart card firmware.

To update the smartcard FW make sure to disconnect all smartcard devices including all kinds of software dongles and boxes, and WiFi dongles, etc. Only connect to Infinity CM2 dongle and follow these steps

  • Download and extract dongle manager.
  • Doddle click  Open dongle manager.exe
    cm2 dongle manager



  • Click on Update Firmware.

cm2 dongle manager 2021

  • Then Click on Update.

Cm2 Dongle Manager Setup

How to Read Username and Password.

The Infinity CM2 username and password are used to login to their support page. Follow these steps to read the certificates.

  • Open Dongle Manager.exe

  • Choose Serial Number(S/N) Tab and Click.

Cm2 Dongle Manager

  • Click and select “Read online service username / password”.

Cm2 Dongle Manager Setup

  • Process.

Cm2 Dongle Manager Setup 2021

  • Enjoy

what is cm2 dongle manager uk off and on.

This is basically the IMEI repair option off and on. A lot of times we do software with cm2. Many times it is seen that there is a base band but there is no IMEI. You have to repair IMEI. If the UK option is turned off, the repair is not visible on our Cm2 tool. So we will always keep our Dongle manager ahead of the UK On.


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