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CM2 SP2 v2.12 Setup Latest Installation Update 2021-Jun-06

Download Infinity CM2SP2 v2.12 Latest Update On 2021-Jun-06.

Welcome to Are you looking for an Infinity install CM2 SP2 v2.12 Setup ?. In this post, I shared the Infinity Cm2 CM2SP2 v2.12 Setup dongle (Windows 64 and 86 bit).  And saw how to install this Infinity Box. Perfect Device Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Cm2 Sp2 Latest Setup 2021. it’s Functioning Really Easy And Big Help support World Little Device But Not Small Work High Development Phone Latest Version Very Easy Working. Up-date Model Use (CHIP) Software Version Download Help. All China Mobile phone Flashing, Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock, Face Lock, Privacy Lock, Google Account Lock (FRP) Very Excellent Work. Cm2sp2 latest setup 2021. Download cm2sp2 old Version 

CM2 SP2 v2.12 Latest 2021 Download


Infinity install CM2 SP2 v2.12 2021 Download.

The CM2SP2 v2.11 module lets you flash scatter and bin-based flash file ROM (firmware) on your Spreadtrum (SPD) powered smartphones, feature phones, and tablets.


File Name:-  InfinityBox_install_CM2SP2_v2.12.7z

File Size:- 44.MB

Support Operating System:- Windows

Download Hare


Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.12 – New repair level activated

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed: FlashCore protocol updated (R25)
Changed: New DL-core support (v10 at Infinity notation)
NewSOC: SC9820e [RS/0S] with NAND supported
Changed: Diag protocol updated

Changed: Protocol updated
Changed: FlashCore rebuild
– Reworked FlashErase
– Reworked support of fully erased or semi-damaged modern devices Android 8/9/10/11 (SC9820e, SC7731e, SC9832e, SC9863, SC9850), it is possible to repair these devices from any state (in case of working HW)
– Reworked NVRecovery procedure
– Android version change ( Downgrade/Upgrade ) now work more correct

Firmware reader
Changed: Android 10 specific changes
Changed: KaiOs specific changes
Changed: Initial Android 11 support
Changed: UltraRead protocol updated
Changed: Fixed “Encryption Unsuccessful” errors on some devices after flash

Changed: Android 11 SPunlock and Repair confirmed and working
Changed: UniSoc Tiger T310 initial SPUnlock/Repair support
Changed: Changed unlock procedure for some devices
Changed: Allow check status/continue to unlock on zero balance
Almost all existing on market devices for SP-Unlock and Repair are supported, Android 10 / 11 “security” as well

Model DB
Changed: New generic loaders included for 9820E with NAND

Changed: Many other different changes and fixes

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